Providing outstanding family law services.


Family law issues are often a very personal experience.  You need to be able to trust and feel comfortable with your lawyer.  We provide personable and approachable services.  We spend time with you upfront so you have the information you need to make good decisions.    

You are provided with your options and details about the law in a direct manner. You are given creative, solution-based options efficiently to keep costs down. This approach leads to a satisfactory negotiated resolution in most cases and costs less in terms of money and time.   

If your matter cannot be resolved without using the court process, we discuss your court and litigation options.  

By working together with us as a team, you have the information you need to feel more empowered in the situation and you are more able to provide effective instructions to us.

 Of course, your level of involvement is up to you.  We provide thorough services to all of our clients.

We are strong advocates for our clients - we are the voice you need in court or negotiations, with the skills and knowledge to help you navigate the legal process.  




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