We offer competitive rates and clear billing.  

We also offer limited scope retainers.  Limited scope retainers, sometimes called unbundled or targeted services, is assistance with various parts of your legal matter without full representation.  Please contact us if you wish to discuss our services or fees further.


This is a popular choice for individuals seeking a comprehensive overview of their situation, without the commitment or need to hire me.  I will review your information and provide you with a legal opinion.  I will explain the options available in the situation.  Spousal and child support calculations, and in some cases property division calculations, can also be done in this time.  There is no obligation to continue.  Of course if you require ongoing or additional services after this time I would be happy to assist you.  


This rate does not include disbursements, which are separate expenses paid on your behalf and include things such as process serving, courier, and court fees.

Legal services provided are charged at 6 minute increments, or 0.1 time based entries.  Details on how legal fees are calculated are set out on the Retainer Terms which are provided with our initial meeting.  

The hourly rate applies to drafting of agreements, contracts, court pleadings, and estate administration tasks.  


Legal work done on your behalf and for your matter by a legal assistant or law clerk at the direction of the lawyer is charged at this rate.


Many of my colleagues offer flat fee agreements including Separation Agreements, Cohabitation Agreements, or Marriage Contracts. While fixed fees can be attractive, I have found that it is often more cost effective for you if you are billed based on time spent.  For example, Separation Agreements which are largely agreed without the need for ongoing negotiations and which have full financial disclosure, are often done for under $1,500.00.  Each situation is unique so speak with me regarding your situation to determine a more specific fee estimate.

Agreements include Separation Agreements, Cohabitation Agreements, Marriage Contracts, and Surrogacy and other Confidential Agreements related to assisted reproduction.

Independent Legal Advice ("ILA") for Agreements - $750.00, plus HST flat fee

This service is offered for lawyer prepared and completed agreements only. If this is not the case, rates for agreement drafting and negotiation apply.

This flat fee service includes a lawyer review of the agreement, as well as a meeting with you to discuss the agreement. During the meeting the agreement will be explained and legal advice provided.  The fee also includes a signing meeting if necessary.

Full financial disclosure from both parties must be included with the agreement for this rate to apply.  Courier fees for the agreement to be sent between lawyers and/or to you are also included.  The flat fee rate does not include negotiating changes to the agreement.  If negotiation is required, please see the fees explained under "Agreement Drafting/Negotiation."  Agreements in this case include Separation Agreements, Cohabitation Agreements, or Marriage Contracts.  They do not include advice related to surrogacy, sperm or ova donation agreements.

Wills and Powers of Attorney - rates offered for individuals and couples

  • $400.00 plus HST for uncomplicated individual will, and powers of attorney for property and personal care. Additional fees for special drafting such as family trusts, businesses and similar.

  • $700.00 plus HST for uncomplicated wills and powers of attorney for couples (one will each, plus one power of attorney for property and one for personal care each)

An uncomplicated will is a will with a single trustee and alternate, and a single person or class of beneficiary with an alternate. 

A more detailed will can better reflect your preferences and provide more detailed guidance to your trustees.  If you wish to leave several bequests or specific gifts, make charitable donations, or have unique needs for the appointment of trustees or beneficiaries, the flat fee will not apply.  We will discuss this during our initial meeting so you are aware of the expected costs.  

Uncontested Divorce - $1,400.00 plus HST FLAT FEE (includes disbursements)

If your matter is an uncontested divorce, I charge a flat fee of $1,400.00 plus HST which includes the disbursements and all court fees.  Disbursement costs involved are approximately $700.00 in court fees and process server costs.


Lawyers operate on a retainer basis.  A retainer is both an agreement between us about the type and scope of services I am providing to you, and the payment of monies into a trust account. A retainer is money you pay as a deposit at the start of your case.  This money is kept in the trust account and is later applied to your fees and expenses. 

The amount of retainer needed depends on what type of service you require and we will discuss this during our initial meeting.  The amount needed varies depending on the situation, history of the matter, and anticipated work.  I have provided some general retainer information below to assist you.

  • Collaborative matter - $5,000.00 retainer

  • Non-court matter including separation agreements, marriage contracts, surrogacy agreements - $2,500.00 retainer

  • Ontario or Superior Court of Justice matter (custody/access/support/property) - $5,000.00 retainer

  • Representation at mediation or mediation/arbitration - $5,000.00 retainer

  • Wills - $452.00 for individual or $791.00 for couples retainer (flat fee cost which includes the HST)

  • Estate matter - $3,000.00 retainer

  • Limited Scope - amount will vary on a case by case basis, to be discussed at the initial consultation